30 Jul 2014

Bontrager RXL cycling shoe 3D model

Cycling shoe 3D model. Blender, Internal renderer. Made over the course of a few evenings just as a bit of modelling and texturing practice. I actually own a pair of these shoes and I have to say they are quite fab!


27 Jul 2014

Bolsover Castle - Reconstruction Illustrations

I have just recently completed two detailed cutaway reconstruction illustrations of Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire for English Heritage Guidebooks. Under the close direction of English Heritage's cultural advisers, historical and architectural experts, I have reconstructed Bolsover as a rough 3D model. Much of the finer details have been worked in using Photoshop. The plan will be to revisit the 3D model at a later date to produce a set of further renditions and possibly a virtual walk-through experience.

Both illustrations have been hugely enjoyable projects to work on - especially because I am interested in horses and horsemanship. Bolsover's 17th century riding house is the earliest surviving  in England - and its role in training horses in the act of Manège, I find particularly fascinating.

See more on these projects at https://www.behance.net/gallery/18042311/Bolsover-Little-Castle-illustrated-reconstruction and https://www.behance.net/gallery/18637479/Bolsover-Castle-Terrace-illustrated-reconstruction.

Bolsover Castle (Little Castle) reconstruction (c. 1630). © English Heritage

Bolsover Castle (Little Castle) cutaway reconstruction (c. 1630). © English Heritage

Bolsover Castle (Terrace Range) reconstruction (c. 1660). © English Heritage

Bolsover Castle (Terrace Range) cutaway reconstruction (c. 1660). © English Heritage
The illustrations are published in the Bolsover Castle Guidebook by English Heritage (ISBN 978 1 84802 111 2)

17 Jul 2014

15 Jan 2014

Period furniture 3D model assets (Blender)

Modelling a whole load of period furniture this week - digital assets for use in a forthcoming reconstruction project. Here's a small selection!

Modelled and texture painted in Blender (Internal render engine)