15 Jan 2014

Period furniture 3D model assets (Blender)

Modelling a whole load of period furniture this week - digital assets for use in a forthcoming reconstruction project. Here's a small selection!

Modelled and texture painted in Blender (Internal render engine)

5 Dec 2013

Castle reconstruction

Some drafts from another castle reconstruction illustration I'm busy working on - this one is Ardrossan Castle in Ayrshire around about the middle 16th century. I produce these drawings to communicate with historical consultants who are helping me visualise what the building looked like based on archaeological findings and what we know from surviving castle ruins.

10 May 2013

Kirkcaldy Harbour Illustration

Kirkcaldy Harbour, Fife, Scotland (circa 16th century)

(Fife Cultural Trust)

Artistic impression of what Kirkcaldy Harbour *possibly* looked like around about the 16th century. Merchant ships load and offload their cargos. Illustration commissioned for an exhibition in Kirkcaldy Museum, Fife, Scotland.

16 Mar 2013

Marine gangway 3D animation

Marine gangway 3D animation

3D model

A simple 3D visualisation commissioned for an offshore drilling company operating in the North sea. It explains the basic workings of a mechanical access gangway connecting two oil platforms. I modelled the semi-submersible rig and gangway and animated it using Blender 3D and Ocean Sim.

The fixed oil production platform was modelled by Dave Davidson. Ocean Sim was used for the last sequence showing the gangway's automatic disconnection function in heavy seas. For the other two sequences I used a simpler technique using stacked normal maps animated across the surface of a single 3D plane in opposing directions to fake seawater. Due to time and budget constraints we kept the two rig models fairly basic. A little more detail went into the gangway mechanism.

Oil production platform  and semi-submersible drilling rig 3D models and marine gangway (C4d/Blender).